Velleman K8096 1-Channel USB Stepper Motor Card

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Item# K8096

1-Channel USB Stepper Motor Card

While the motor turns you can simultaneously check the status of the dry-inputs (ex. emergency stop signal, limit detection.
Use the switch inputs to test the motor.
Can be used in every application where positioning is needed
(for example, plotter, printer, valves, automations).


  • capable of driving 1 stepper motor
  • suited for bipolar motors
  • current of the motor can be adjusted (trimmer)
  • over current protection sensing
  • onboard switch mode supply
  • USB connection: control the motor using your computer
  • DLL file supplied to write your own software
  • includes board-to-wire connections


  • power output: 750 mA continuous, (1 A peak)
  • wide range AC - power input: 5 ... 30 V
  • 5 dry-contact inputs
  • 1 logic open collector output
  • power supply: 10 ... 30 VAC
  • dimensions: 117 x 65.5 x 25 mm / 4.6 x 2.58 x 0.98"


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