Velleman K8067 General Purpose Temperature Sensor

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Item# K8067

General Purpose Temperature Sensor

Applications : measure indoor and outdoor temperatures, control heating and/or cooling of rooms, equipment, etc. Monitor temperatures in processes, put a temperature readout on your website, check your pools temperature.


  • range: -20° ~ +70°C
  • output: 0 ~ 20mA current loop
  • output voltage compliance: 10V
  • accuracy: 2° full range
  • one single adjustment
  • 3-wire system: GND, +V and OUT
  • power supply: 12VDC for 0 ~ 5V OUT / 15VDC for 0 ~ 10V OUT
  • current consumption: 30mA max.
  • dimensions: 2.2 x 1.4 x 0.6"


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Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm