Velleman K-STMC Heat-Shrinkable Tube Kit-Multicolor

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Item: K-STMC


Heat-Shrinkable Tube Kit-Multicolor

Heat-shrinkable tubing is universally applied for the insulation of connections or for the end-handling of electric wire, for the insulation of soldered points on resistors and capacitors, for the identification and encapsulation of electric wire, for the corrosion-proofing of metallic rods or tubes and for the protection of antennas. Heat-shrinkable tubes are used for the corrosion-proof and waterproof connection of fibre optic cable.


  • Contains:
    • Ø0.04" x 4.72": 10 pcs
    • Ø0.08" x 4.72": 10 pcs
    • Ø0.16" x 4.72": 5 pcs
    • Ø0.24" x 4.72": 5 pcs
    • Ø0.35" x 4.72": 5 pcs
    • Ø0.47" x 4.72": 5 pcs
  • Halogen and dioxine free
  • Flame retardant


  • Color: mixed color
  • Shrinking temperature: 194°F
  • Max. temperature: 248°F
  • Shrinking ratio: 2:1
  • Dielectric strength: 15kV/mm
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Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm