GC Electronics 19-906 Big Bath Contact Cleaner Degreaser 16 Oz

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Item# GCE-19-906

Big Bath 3 Contact Cleaner and Degreaser Big Bath 3 Cleaner and Degreaser is an excellent general purpose cleaner/degreaser. The product is non-ozone depleting (contains no HCFC's or CFC's). It is a replacement for cleaner/degreasers containing HCFC 141b. Big Bath 3 Cleaner and Degreaser will dissipate moisture and is safe on some plastics. Applications: General cleaning and degreasing applications, electronic and electrical equipment. Test for compatibility with sensitive plastics. Incompatible with ABS, PS, and Lexan. Can be used on energized circuits. Environmental Data: CFC: 0% HCFC: 0% ODP: 0 VOC: 58%

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California RestrictedNo
ManufacturerGC Electronics
Mfg No.19-906
TypeContact Cleaner


Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm