Philmore Qualitek 50-30516 RA300 Rosin Core Solder, 60/40, 16AWG, .062", 1/2LB

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Item # PH-50-30516

RA300 Rosin Core Solder, 60/40, 16AWG, .062", 1/2lb

The RA300 (Rosin Activated) cored solder is one of the most universally used types of solder wire used in the electronics and electrical markets today. It has rapid wetting and spreading properties and leaves little residue which usually needs NO cleaning. LKG Industries offers this solder in several gauges, several alloys, and both 1 LB and 1/2 LB spools.


Alloy Tin / Lead: 60/40

Size Gaug: 16

Dia. in: .062

Percent of Flux: 3.3

Roll Size: 1/2 LB 

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Mfg No.50-30516


Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm