Philmore Qualitek 50-21750 Lead Free Solder Spool, 21 AWG, .032", 1/2LB

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Item # PH-50-21750

Electronic Lead Free Solder Spool, 95.5 / 4 / 0.5, 21 AWG, .032", 1/2lb

Environmentally safe solder. This solder is designed to replace the standard lead barring type of solder for electronic connections. The reflow temperature is 217-219C. The alloy is 95.5% Tin (Sn) / 4% Silver (Ag) / .5% (Cu). This combination is the best for soldering electronic connections while retarding the dissolution of copper. It has excellent wetting and spreading properties. Philmore offers this soldering with a No-Clean Flux.

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Mfg No.50-21750


Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm