Philmore PS2 Audio Sounder 6V-28V AC/DC, Continuous Tone Sonalert

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Audio Sounder 6V - 28V AC/DC, Continuous Tone Sonalert.

An electronic audio signal that has applications in electronic instruments, alarms, autos, detectors, and any other application where a rich sounds and low current comsumption is required. Wide operating voltage range in continuous tone and intermittent tone models. Available in DC only and AC/DC models.



  • Operating Voltage: 6V AC/DC Min - 28V AC/DC Max.
  • Typical Current: 4mA to 18mA
  • Min. Sound Pressure: 80db to 95db
  • Frequency: 2900Hz  +/-500Hz
  • Mounting Hole: 1.125" Diameter.


Crosses to Mallory Sonalert SC628AN

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Mfg No.S2
Voltage Rating6-28VAC/DC


Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm