Philmore Datak 12-300 Bus Board-3U. Size 3.9" X 6.3"

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Item# 12-300

Bus Board-3U. Size 3.9" X 6.3"


A standard heigh (3U) Eurocard/VME size; a zigzag circuit pattern keeps the opposite sides of IC's and connectors properly aligned. This is a FR-4 fiberglass board, solder masked to prevent solder bridges and speed assembly. Holes are drilled on .1" center and are .037" diameter to accommodate all IC's, square post headers etc.. Total holes are 30 by 62 holes in 76 separate copper traces. Board size is 3.9" wide, 6.3" long and 1/16" thick (100 x 160 x 1.6mm) and a standard, 1 ounce copper is used.

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Mfg No.12-300


Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm