Philmore B819 On/Off Piezo Sounder 3-20V DC

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Item# B819

On/Off Piezo Sounder 3-20V DC

Loud sounders that may be powered with a voltage of anywhere from 3.0 to 20V DC. Output minimum 95db at minimum voltage; 105db at 20V. Sound frequency is 2.8Khz µ0.5Khz. Typical current draw is 6mA @ 6V DC; 10mA at max. voltage. ABS case meets UL94HB, lead wires are UL listed materials. No other ciruitry isneeded, just DC voltage.Mounting ears are on centers of 50mm, case diameter is 42mm O.D.  Available with continuous tone, on/off tone and with hi/lo dual tone.

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Mfg No.B819
Voltage Rating3-20 VDC


Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm