Philmore 42-2035 CCTV Power/Video Cable 35Ft


Item# 42-2035

CCTV Power/Video Cable 35 Ft


Closed Circuit TV combination VIDEO & POWER in one cable assembly.

Philmore CCTV video cables are true 75 ohm cable* with an additional universa power cable.

The video cable is terminated in BNC males; may be used with Philmore No. 957

BNC female to RCA male adaptor if your system has RCA connectors.

The power cable section is terminated in male and female (universally used 2.1 x 5.5mm) DC coaxial connector.

These are very flexible cables, and are exceptional in delivering low loss signals over even the very longest cable runs.

*Most of our competition uses simple audio cable in place of true 75 ohm coaxial video cable, which always results in at least some degradation in picture quality.

Our video cable is 100% Aluminum foil shield plus Copper braid.

Center conductor is pure copper.

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Length35 ft
Mfg No.42-2035
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Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm