Philmore 30-870 Micro Rocker Switch SPST, ON-OFF White [email protected]

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Item# PH-30-870

Micro Rocker SPST, On-Off White [email protected]

Electrical Ratings:
SPST snap action Rocker.
[email protected] VAC or [email protected] VAC (UL)
[email protected] VAC (CQC)
Rating: [email protected] VAC, 250 VAC pending for VDE
Initial Contact resistance: 20m ohm Max.
Insulation Resistance: 100 Ohm @500 VDC
Dielectric Strength: 1,000 VAC for 1 minute
Electrical/mechanical life: 10,000 cycles
Temperature range: 0 to 88 degrees centigrade
Base: Nylon66, UL rated 94V-2 min.
Spring: Piano wire
Stationary contact: Silver Alloy

A very small Rocker with a good “feel” in the action, excellent for small appliances, battery operated portable devices. This is a SPST switch and the black and white activators are marked with the “universal” digital “l” and “0” to indicated ON and OFF. The red actuator is plain, no markings.

More Information
Mfg No.30-870
Current Rating6A/3A
Voltage Rating125/250 VAC


Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm