Philmore 30-6018 Miniature Push Button Circuit Breaker, 18A, Zing Ear ZE-700S-18

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Item# PH-30-6018

Miniature Push Button Circuit Breaker, 18 A

Standard Rating: 3-20 AMPERE.
Input Power: 125 VAC / 250 VAC.
Dielectric Strength: 1500 VAC / 1 Minute.
Interrupt Capacity: 125 VAC x 1000 A, 250 VAC x 1000 A.
Insulation Resistance: > 100 Meg Ohm.
Calibration: 25ºC-105ºC of rated Current-Continuously Carried.
25ºC-Between 101% to 145%-May Trip or not.
25ºC-150% of Rated current-Trip Within 1 Hour.
25ºC-200% of Rated Current-Trip Within 1 Minute.
Contact Endurance: 125 VAC x 1505 of rated current-500 Cycles.
Reset: Manual push reset/auto reset.

More Information
Current Rating18A
ManufacturerPhilmore LKG
Mfg No.30-6018


Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm