Philmore 12-440 Package of 2 PrepPen Refill Cartridges for 12-437


Item# 12-440

Package of 2 PrepPen Refill Cartridges

The PrepPen is a tool that has thousands of uses around the workbench and home. The PrepPen will ready a spot on a PC board to receive solder, clean rust off your side cutters, remove oxidation from a bulb socket, clean corrosion off a battery connection, remove grit from a card edge contact finger, prepare a surface for solder or paint plus thousands of more uses too numerous to mention.

The PrepPen contains over 20,000 glass fibers that are thinner than human hair, but stronger than steel when it comes to cleaning and sanding strength. Further, the PrepPen’s body is designed for comfortable, secure grip. Each pen comes with two cartridges, one installed and one in the handles storage compartment. The fibers retract into the handle when not in use. The PrepPen® goes where other tools and sand paper can not reach. Use it like a pencil eraser

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Mfg No.12-440
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Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm