Philmore 10-602 Tapered Cylinder Rubber Foot or Bumper 12 Pack

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Item# 10-602

Tapered Cylinder Rubber Foot or Bumper 12 Pack

For use on chassis boxes and equipment cabinets. Rubber feet/bumpers are self-adhesive and supplied on a backing sheet. Application simply requires peeling individual foot from the backing and sticking it to your cabinet or chassis box. Soft rubber but will not leave marks on hard surgaces.

Soft but firm, these items make good bumpers, feet for chassis boxes and spacers for PC boards. All are black in color and about 70 durometer hardness.


  • Shaped like a tapered cylinder, self adhesive and will stick well to a chassis box. May be used with a no. 8 wood screw or machine screw, if necessary. Semi-soft rubber does not normall leave marks.
  • Diameter at base: .870"
  • Height: .40"
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Mfg No.10-602
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