MG Chemicals 415-4L Ferric Chloride Solution (132 Oz)

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Item# 415-4L

Ferric Chloride Solution (132 Oz)



Ready to use solution designed for etching printed circuit boards and other metals. Recommended for use with M.G. Chemicals Professional Etching Porcess Kit and M.G. Economy Etching Process Kit

Note: Do not dilute this product with water.


Technical Support
Basic Positive Prototyping Process Instructions
Positive Basic Prototyping Video


Immerse copper board in solution and agitate until etching action is completed. Ferric Chloride can etch up to a maximum of 100g of copper per liter of solution (.33 square meters or 3.5 square feet of 1 oz copper clad board). Etching process can be sped up by heating the solution to a temperature no higher than 55°C (135°F). If you require further directions for etching or making a printed circuit board, consult the positive photofabrication process guide available free from your dealer.

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California RestrictedNo
ManufacturerMG Chemicals
Mfg No.415-4L
TypeEtching Solution


Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm