Philmore Datak 12-303 Bus Board-3U With Connectors

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Item# 12-303

Bus Board-3U With Connectors. Size 3.9" x 6.3" x 1/16"


A busboard much like the 3U but including footprints that will accommodate DB-9, sub-mini and handset jacks, BNC jack, DB-25 jack, as well as two telephone jacks and a coaxial power jack. There is also a place for an SPDT switch. A standard 3U height, with a zigzag circuit pattern that will accommodate IC's and all standard components. The one ounce copper is precision etched and a solder mask has been added to prevent soldering bridges. There are 76 separate copper traces with .37" diameter holes drilled on .10".

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Mfg No.12-303


Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm