NTE Electronics 76-HISBC22L Butt Connector Solder/heat Shrink Insulated 22-18awg 50 pack

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These solder, adhesive heat shrink butt connectors are perfect for the person who doesn't like to solder or crimp when splicing wires together. Hot air from a heat gun melts the center solder ring into the two crossed bare wires and the outer tube shrinks around the insulated wire jacket resulting in a firm, water tight, long lasting connection.
Key Features
  • No crimping required for convenience
  • Adhesive lined heat shrink seals water out to prevent corrosion
  • Transparent heat shrink sleeve enables inspection of the solder joint
  • Color coded sleeve identifies industry standard wire gauge recommended
  • Economical 25-pack
More Information
Insulation MaterialHeat Shrink
ManufacturerNTE Electronics
Mfg No.76-HISBC22L


Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm